Research Methods – Critical Thinking

Research Methods – Critical Thinking

AED 2,850

Scope of Training

Critical thinkers are not only independent thinkers; they are willing to consider all points of view and are careful to take every aspect of an argument into consideration. This course covers the basic techniques and procedures used in the process of organisational research. Topics include: defining research problems, ethics in organisational research, selecting and measuring variables, stating hypotheses, and developing surveys. 

Target Audience

  • HR and Organisational Development professionals 
  • Professionals whose success depends on their ability to think critically and find the necessary information 

Course Objectives & Benefits

By the end of the training programme, participants should be able to: 


  • Think critically about important issues in organisational research methodology 
  • Understand how to conduct research 
  • Problem-solving solutions to methodological problems 
  • Enhance communication skills and reading/research/writing acumen 
  • Take into consideration ethical implications whilst conducting research 

Course Details

  • Duration: 2 weeks 
  • Contact hours: 12 hours 
  • The course consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours each 
  • The sessions will be held twice a week in the afternoon 
  • Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Competence 
  • Content: 4 topics 


Topic 1: Defining Research Problems and Ethics in Organisational Research 

Topic 2: Selecting and Measuring Variables and Stating Hypothesis 

Topic 3: Developing Organisational Surveys 

Topic 4: Qualitative vs Quantitative Research and Mix methods 

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