Leadership Effectiveness Orientation

AED 2,850

Scope of Training

This programme is specifically designed to provide a thorough understanding and background on the themes of leadership and management. Participants who choose this course will explore the fundamentals of leadership skills, the leadership role leadership competencies and how to apply various elements and behaviours that lead to the development of these skills.  

Target Audience

  • Supervisors 
  • Middle and higher managers 
  • Professionals who would like to improve their leadership skills 

Course Objectives & Benefits

By the end of the training programme, participants should be able to: 


  • Take up a leadership role and develop the necessary personal competencies as well as those of others 
  • Develop and maintain effective network structures 
  • Gain knowledge of different leadership theories and assimilate them into the leadership role 
  • Handle change and conflict through effective communication 
  • Apply creative thinking patterns and diagnostic and evaluation skills 
  • Apply leadership skills effectively including motivation 

Course Details

  • Duration: 2 weeks 
  • Contact hours: 12 hours 
  • The course consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours each 
  • The sessions will be held twice a week in the afternoon 
  • Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Competence 
  • Content: 4 topics 


Topic 1: The Fundamentals of Effective Leadership 

Topic 2: Self-Awareness – assessing your leadership style 

Topic 3: Strategic problem-solving and decision making 

Topic 4: Communication Tactics when leading teams 

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