Operations and Demand Management

EQF Level 5

6 Credits (ECTS)

Operations and Demand Management

TBC 2022
Module Type
ECTS Credits
6 Credits (ECTS)

Module Description

This module will cover two topics – Demand Management and Operations Management, both of which play a vital role within the Supply Chain. The first part of the module will focus on the process of Demand Management, including the synchronisation of demand and supply, increasing flexibility and reducing variability. This module will also highlight the supply chain challenges, as well as the importance for companies to adapt their business models for today’s demand-driven supply chain.

The second part of the module will focus on Operations Management and its importance. You will gain an insight into the processes relating to the planning, control and supervision of manufacturing, as well as of the production processes and service delivery, with the ultimate goal being that of improving the overall productivity. This module will also include case studies which help provide clear examples of what companies are doing to create a competitive edge in the market.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must possess the following:

  • a qualification at MQF Level 4 (one ‘A’ Level or equivalent in any subject),


  • a pass in English and Mathematics at MQF Level 3 (‘O’ Level or equivalent) .

Preference is given to applicants having a year of work experience related to the field of study.

*Equivalent qualifications abroad will also be considered for admission.

Target Audience



Career Paths

The possible positions for which this programme aims to prepare you for include, but are not limited to:

  • supply chain supervisor/manager
  • logistics supervisor/manager

How you’ll be assessed

The course comprises:  

  • 6 lectures per module; 
  • 3-hour lectures (evening); 
  • 12 hours of online content per module, comprising asynchronous online discussions, tutorials and/or videos 

Module Intake Dates

TBC 2022

Reading for the entire Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Logistics as presented in this brochure costs $6,600.*  

**Terms and conditions apply.  

*** For the price of individual modules, please contact the IDEA Academy team.  

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