Data Analytics and Data-Driven Finance Case Studies

EQF Level 7


Data Analytics and Data-Driven Finance Case Studies

TBC 2022
Module Type
AED 970
6 Sessions
ECTS Credits

Module Description

The Module has three parts. The first part of this module will provide you with the data science background required for AI and its applications. This includes data exploration, preparation, representation, transformation, modelling, visualisation and presentation.

The second part covers the essential skill of data analytics that are crucial to manage organisations producing high quantities of financial and other data during their operations. Various concepts and methodologies are delivered comprehensively in this module, enabling you to establish a more rigorous thinking methodology where all decisions are educated and backed by data-driven conclusions.

The third part encompasses several case studies from data-driven financial organisations and businesses to provide practical insight. These include Revolut, Alibaba, Credit Karma, Digibank, and eToro.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who apply for this course must possess one of the following:

  • a Level 6 degree in a related field;


  • a Level 5 diploma or higher diploma and 2 years’ work experience, preferably in the fintech

Preference is given to applicants having a Level 6 degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, Banking, Business Management, or any other area related to Financial Management. People with degrees related to IT will also be accepted if accompanied by solid experience in the financial sector.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at fintech professionals, including but not limited to:

  • financial managers
  • bank staff
  • fintech employees
  • accountants
  • IT professionals with experience in finance

Career Paths

The programme aims to prepare you for middle management and senior managerial posts at any financial technology entity.  

How you’ll be assessed

The method of assessment is assignment-based.

The course comprises:

  • 6 lectures per module;
  • 3-hour lectures (evening);
  • 12 hours of online content per module, comprising asynchronous online discussions, tutorials and/or videos.

Module Intake Dates

TBC 2022
AED 970

Additional Info

Reading for the entire Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Fintech as presented in this brochure costs $10,450.*

Due to the modular structure of the course, you may also opt to take individual modules as stand-alone. The entry requirements still apply.**

*Prices are applicable to students who reside in the UAE at the time of applying.

** For the price of individual modules, please contact the IDEA Academy team.

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